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Getting into the Zwing of things

PAULSHOF - Paulshof resident, Brett Hillary has created a cricket product called ZWINGO® that is now being used by Cricket South Africa and schools across the county.


“I educate the hub coach who is responsible for the cricketers. The coach then becomes compliant with ZWINGO® training [and] in line with how cricket South Africa wants people to be coached and educated,” said Hillary.

Hillary is set to introduce ZWINGO® to Cricket South Africa’s Hub Development programme and the hub’s coaches. The programme currently comprises 58 hubs and about 432 schools across the country. Every hub comprises four primary schools and four high schools.

“My parents always did what was possible to support me with my early dreams. They never had the money to spend on me by sending me to fancy coaching or private schools. However, by not always attending these fancy camps and clinics I would work on my own skills and developed a knowledge of the game that might not have come about had I been more privileged,” Hillary expressed.

“This knowledge always got me thinking about the game, the future of the game and how I could improve the game by challenging coaching manuals or people’s perceptions about how technique should be taught.”

ZWINGO® is a brand-new product and the ultimate cricket training tool and has been proven to keep balance and alignment in check, and allows any cricketer reach their maximum potential and improve on field cricket performance.

“After many years of playing, coaching and soul searching ZWINGO® was launched. Everything that I have achieved through playing, coaching, living and breathing the game is what you see with this product.”

Details: brett@zwingo.co.za


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