Your home might look clean, but is it germ free?

Four common places where germs love to live. Milton have shared four common, germ-prone areas in your home.

Many of us have probably become germaphobes and have embraced the constant sanitizing and cleaning due to the pandemic. Having said that, one can easily be fooled into thinking a clean looking space is also germ-free, but think again. Milton have shared four common, germ-prone areas in your home that require an extra spritz or three of your sterilising surface spray:

  1. Watch the flush: The toilet itself is an obvious hotspot for germs, but it can also “spread” germs really easily. Researchers have found that an invisible cloud of water can shoot 1.8m into the air when the toilet lid is not closed when flushed. This means that contaminated water can linger on all nearby surfaces.
  2. Wipe your desk: Your keyboard can have 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat while your actual desk is 400 times dirtier. Even if you have a home office, you want to make sure to clean all surfaces daily.

  3. All those keys: Be it car keys, home keys or office keys – they are covered in germs and new ones are added every time you, your family or colleagues use them. Clean them at the end of the day to help kill off germs and stop them from spreading.

  4. Don’t forget the remote: Your remote control is handled by everyone in the family and left lying all over the room and sometimes even on the floor. The remote can very quickly become a spreader of germs and if one family member is sick, it is very likely that someone else will pick it up as well.

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