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AME (African Media Entertainment) Launch New Rugby Podcast

Veteran journalists Liam del Carme and Brenden Nel are teaming up with AME (African Media Entertainment) to bring you "To the Last Drop".

What do you do with two rugby hacks who’ve been writing about Springbok rugby for three decades?

Well, you make them do a podcast of course.

Veteran journalists Liam del Carme and Brenden Nel are teaming up with AME (African Media Entertainment) to bring you “To the Last Drop”, where you’ll find them chewing the fat about the latest developments coming out of the Springbok set up.

And with the 2023 Rugby Championship about to kick off in a high stakes World Cup year, the timing is, as the French would say, “parfait” (Translation: “perfect”).

Nel and Del Carme have been covering the highs and lows of South Africa’s national rugby team, both locally and abroad, since the late 90’s – more than 50 years of writing between them! That’s a lot of high-octane green and gold action, both on the field and off it. With hundreds of stories that have either made it to publication, or have been saved to be retold to a chosen few over a glass or two of wine. Okay, make that a bottle.

Speaking of which (and as the logo suggests), wine will be the injury time substitute on “Till the Last Drop”. Let’s face it, after covering over a hundred test matches AND some excruciating press conferences, these two grumpy scribes have come to know their way around South Africa’s wine offering and will be sharing that with you too.

AME CEO Dave Tiltmann says, “Building new audio properties is a priority, as this falls in line with our audio and digital strategies. Liam and Brendan are top flight rugby journalists, and we look forward to their weekly podcast coverage of the 2023 Rugby Championship and Rugby World Cup to be held in France in September and October of this year”.

“To the Last Drop” will be a once-a-week podcast starting on 6 of July 2023.

You can find it here soon:



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To listen now click here:

If you would like to get in touch with either Liam or Brenden, you can do so via social media or email Neil Johnson:





Liam Del Carme Bio:

Liam Del Carme has watched grown men go in breakneck pursuit of a rugby ball for 30 years.

From the amateur days when invites to the post-match rugby functions demanded ‘men must wear jacket and tie’, to a newly crowned World Cup winning Springbok in Speedo’s.

While Del Carme has mostly reported on rugby he also takes a keen interest in cricket, tennis, football, golf and F1. He maintains though, meeting a final whistle deadline in a rugby Test excruciates, as it exhilarates.

Del Carme has reported at 170 Tests, though he’s not sure about the final number, and five Rugby World Cups.

He is the author of the book ‘Winging it with the Boks’ a publication that chronicles his travels with the national team.

Although a scribe at most of the country’s leading newspapers his entire career, Del Carme has been a TV pundit and has reported on rugby and cricket matches.

Away from work he loves applying heat to meat, and has a morbid fascination with plane crashes, none of which he actually participated in.

He has a life partner, a daughter and two dogs, who may all object, they actually have him.


Brenden Nel Bio:

A lover of the oval ball since he was young, Brenden Nel stumbled into rugby writing quite by chance, and 27 years later hasn’t been able to pull himself away from the game they play in Heaven.

He started his career at the Citizen in 1996 and has worked for almost every major publication in the country, covering over 300 tests and three World Cups, five Sevens World Cups in a career that has embraced some of rugby’s biggest moments.

His work has been published in several publications worldwide, including The Times of London, South China Morning Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News.

Away from rugby, his free time is spent around a fire, with a glass of red in his hand with his wife Lize and five rescue dogs.

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