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WATCH: Vosloorus school to receive newly built library

“The library and multipurpose room that Danone is building for us could not have come at a better time.”

Nageng Primary School is expected to receive a new library and a multipurpose room to be built from upcycled bricks.

This follows after the school was chosen as a beneficiary for the NutriDay Tubs2Classrooms (NT2C) learning centre.

The school was among many others that participated in the NT2C, where learners collected NutriDay tubs, cleaned them and placed them in a recycling bin.

Lefty Monobe, principal at Nageng Primary School, said as a previously disadvantaged and older school, they are always seeking ways to enable learners with an effective and supportive learning environment.

This includes growing a vegetable garden to feed the learners and recycling at school to help protect nature.
He added.

“As a school that services children and families who are not able to pay schools fees, we appreciate partnerships that enable us to realise the school’s growth plan and further support the community. The library and multipurpose room Danone is building for us could not have come at a better time,” said Monobe.

The NT2C programme is an end-producer responsibility (EPR) initiative in South Africa, which has brought the industry together to see an end-of-life solution for used yoghurt tubs and to produce a much-needed resource for the community.

The 7 x 7m structure sees 1 million used yoghurt tubs converted into upcycled bricks to produce a library and multipurpose room.

According to the head of corporate affairs at Danone Southern Africa, Leanne Kiezer, Nageng Primary is recognised as one of the best recycling and environmental schools in Vosloorus.

She noted their achievements in the environmental space have inspired other schools to kick-start their own recycling and environmental programmes.

The principal of Nageng Primary School Lefty Monobe and Danone President of Asia, Africa and Middle East, Christian Stammkoetter.

“This movement is powerful, as we believe children are important agents of change, influencing good recycling habits in their families and communities. It is our honour to recognise and commend the efforts of Nageng Primary as the best-collecting school in the NT2C project in 2022,” said Kiezer.

“While 99% of the packaging material that Danone SA uses is already reusable, recyclable, or compostable, we are committed to achieving 100% by 2025.”

He said the NT2C project aims to educate communities about the importance of recycling.

“The project showcases that waste has value. By teaching learners to treat waste correctly, we can produce resources for communities in need.”

The library will serve not only the school learners but also the surrounding community.

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