Decorating your inherited home without losing sentimentality

Inherited homes carry a lot of memories and are of sentimental value. Here's how to make your home chic without losing your inherited valuables.

Decorating a home is often associated with modernising a space to make it feel more modern and chicer. The truth is, decorating doesn’t always have to involve removing vintage elements to make space for trendy ones. You can decorate an older home without removing the aspects that make it feel nostalgic.

Here’s how to decorate an inherited home without losing its sentimentality:

1. Keep inherited décor pieces/family heirlooms

Family heirloom

When decorating an inherited home, make sure you keep inherited décor or any family heirlooms that are passed down to you. Use vintage furniture to decorate parts of your home. Keeping memorabilia will help you maintain a sense of sentimentality in your home.

2. Create a gallery wall

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is a collection of art placed on a wall in an artistic way. Keep vintage art pieces and pictures in frames on a gallery wall as a way to decorate your inherited home while keeping nostalgia alive. You can also add a table next to the gallery wall and put your inherited décor or family heirlooms on it for added sentimentality.

3. Only replace what is structurally unsafe and DIY upgrade what is unsightly

A flawed, but chic wall

You don’t have to replace and upgrade everything in an inherited home unless of course, it is unsafe and mandatory to replace. But if for instance, there’s a wall with some cracks in it, you can choose to keep those cracks to add character to your home. You may also have some old furniture that perhaps just needs a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. Some flaws may actually enhance an inherited home’s vintage aesthetic and therefore boost sentimentality.

4. Make sure your décor style matches the architecture of the house

An empty house with stairs

Before you set out to decorate your inherited home, you need to make sure that your interior decorating style will suit the architecture and character of your home.

Take into account the colours of the walls, the shapes of the doors and door frames, the windows, the type of flooring you have (tiles, carpet, wooden etc), staircases, and ceilings. In doing so, you’ll be able to pick décor that aligns with the structure of your home.

5. Declutter and keep only the most important items

Cluttered room

A cluttered space will never feel sentimental, no matter what you try. Decluttering and simplifying your home will help you make space for décor items that will boost your home’s sense of nostalgia.

Make sure you give away items that take up too much space, or you can also opt to sell them in a garage sale.

Keep the above tips in mind to modernise your inherited home without losing its nostalgic essence.    

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