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WATCH: Staff at Casa Caritas gets pampered

Donations, hand massages, sweet treats and gift packs for staff of Casa Caritas.

Birch Acres resident Marisca Wolff is not only an Annique Health and Beauty independent consultant in Kempton Park but she is also a woman who is passionate about helping others.

Wolff and her team took time out of their schedules to care for the residents and staff at Casa Caritas for a day. Casa Caritas is a home for physically and mentally handicapped persons in Terenure.

Wolff handed over their donations which included groceries and two fridges.

“We collected the donations for about a month and a half and it was very humbling to see community members and staff donating,” said Wolff.

“Thank you to Trollope Mining Services for donating two fridges towards the drive.”

The day started with a tour of the home led by Chantell Kriel, admin at Casa Caritas. The tour melted the hearts of Wolff and her team members, Chelsea Jurgens and Nicolene Koen.

After the tour, Wolff, Koen and Jurgens rolled up their sleeves and treated the staff to soothing hands massages.

“We seldom think of and thank the staff who takes excellent care of the residents on a daily basis. We just wanted to show them love, care and appreciation for the hard work they do,” said Wolff.

“I decided to give to my community by helping others and changing other people’s lives.”

The staff was also grateful for the massage and told Express it was humbling for them to sit down and be pampered for a while.

Delicious sweet treats were also prepared and gift packs, especially made for the staff, were handed to them after the massages.

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