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Stakeholders give back to community

Author reaches out to the community; backed by his church.

Praise Malinga, an author and motivational speaker, alongside God Forever With Us Ministries, hosted the Jumbo Colour Free Clothes event at God Forever With Us Ministries on December 21, 2019.

The Jumbo Colour Free Clothes is a special programme designed to cater for the needy in the community of Tembisa. Malinga said he was touched by a young man’s story who collects tins for recycling around the community. He learnt that the boy is the sole provider for his family.

“I wondered how many people have second-hand clothes in their houses and if they really appreciate those clothes. So I approached my pastor and he announced the purpose of the Jumbo drive.

“Within two weeks we collected a lot of clothes from members of the church and the needy people of the community came out in their numbers to accept the clothes.

“We would like to thank everyone who put their pride aside and came forward to be part of this occasion. We believe the clothes will be a great help to those who received the items.

“Overall we would like to the the church’s team for the organising and handing over of the parcels. We will do it again, and hopefully, with the grace of the Lord, on a larger scale,” said Malinga.

Church members with the Jumbo Colour Free Clothes banner.

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