DEMS brings life-saving information closer to the community

The PIER programmes inform, educate the public and maintain public relations.

The City of Ekurhuleni’s DEMS, assisted by its public information education and relations (PIER) section, is ready to provide community outreach through its fire and life safety education programme.
DEMS media liaison officer William Ntladi said the programme is a comprehensive community fire and injury prevention programme designed to eliminate or mitigate situations that endanger lives, health, property or the environment.
The PIER programmes inform, educate the public and maintain public relations.
Some of the programmes include teaching CPR, basic firefighting, answering DEMS-related questions from the public, hosting seasonal safety awareness campaigns, hosting safety activities for children and much more.
The public education programme includes visits to schools, community events and special population groups.
Ntladi said communities or schools can also schedule a visit to the city’s Basic Emergency Safety and Fire Education (BESAFE) Centre or any of the city’s fire stations.
Communities can also request the services of the PIER section to attend events and provide fire and life safety education that includes information, fire prevention education and training and community engagement.
Ntladi explained the city provides a variety of services and programmes to help reduce the risks of fire and life-threatening hazards.
“Community risk reduction programmes include assistance with educating communities in formal and informal settlements, schools and factories,” said Ntladi.
“Educational topics change as the risks change, i.e. winter awareness campaigns during winter and flooding during the rainy season in summer.”
He highlighted that the PIER section strives to protect the community through conventional and unconventional educational efforts.
For more information visit the City of Ekurhuleni’s website.

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