Local councillor shares service delivery insights with public

Service delivery a time game because of a lack of resources.

Ward 16 Clr Jaco Terblanche set the record straight on service delivery issues last week.

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He showed the Express issues in the ward that were being addressed by the city.

“There are many issues that residents report to me as a councillor, and I always do my best to resolve them,” he said.

According to Terblanche, many services offered by the municipality are shared resources across all the wards in Ekurhuleni.

Councillor Jaco Terblanche plans to have potholes fixed in Ward 16.

“This is why some areas look better than others. Some Ekurhuleni councillors get more than others in terms of resources. That does not, however, hinder me from continuing my duties.”

He said that over the last three months, he had ensured the repair of 14 burst water pipes in his ward.

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“Most of the time, the water team is there before the recommended response time. I would like to make the community aware of the aftermath of fixing a burst pipe.

“The team will come to fix the pipe but must leave the hole open, firstly for adhesives to dry and also to ensure no leakages are present.

“In the second phase, teams fill the hole. We urge residents not to tamper with the pipes or go near the open holes,” he said.

The councillor also said that potholes were being fixed in Glen Marais before the teams go to surrounding areas.

“The teams are repairing potholes on the main roads and will move onto the residential routes later.”

Swift action was taken when a leaking water pipe was reported on Monument Road on January 18.

Terblanche said another issue faced by residents was a backlog in refuse collection. Last week it stood at two days because of limited resources.

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“On January 23, the area only had two trucks, but on January 25, there were four trucks to service Kempton Park.”

He is hopeful that the teams will catch up with the backlog and that the usual refuse removal schedules will return.

Residents of Ward 16 can call Terblanche on the WhatsApp number 083 413 2420 or email

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