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Kempton Park family detail hit and run

“I believe the person who did it stays in Kempton. Maybe they will come forward and make things right.”

A Kempton Park family has urged the community to help them build a stronger case against a driver who hit their vehicle and fled the scene.

Collen Oliver said the incident occurred on April 23 at about 20:30 just off Modderfontein Road.

“I turned left from Bonkebok Avenue and drove on Modderfontein Road towards the Kwartel Road traffic lights.

“A speeding white Suzuki Swift skipped the traffic lights. The driver slowed down next to me and swerved his car into mine before driving off,” she added.

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“I tried to chase him to get his number plate and stopped at a garage. As I was explaining to the attendant what had happened, the car that hit me came into the garage.

“The driver spoke to the attendant and asked for directions. The attendant later told me he suspects the driver was drunk and his car had damage on the right side,” added Collen.

Her husband, Darren, said his children, who were in the vehicle, were traumatised by the event.

“It was a hit and run, and I doubt the police will do much,” he added.

Darren said that if any residents were involved or witnessed the crash, they should contact him.

“I believe the person who did it stays in Kempton. Maybe they will come forward and make things right.”

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Darren said he knew another vehicle was hit that night, too.

“When my wife stopped at the garage, the attendants asked if the car involved was a white car because another person had also stopped and told them they had been hit,” he said.

“I am upset that the driver put my loved ones in danger due to his negligence. It was a hit and run, and that driver needs to be brought to book,” Darren said.

Norkem Park SAPS spokesperson Warrant Officer Barbara-Anne Ferreira confirmed that the accident was registered at the police station.

Anyone with more information can call the police station or Darren on 082 928 7394.

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