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Kempton Park SPCA hosts Market Day for a fundraiser

“The rescuing and caring for abused and abandoned animals with little funding on a daily basis must be an emotionally exhausting job.”

Kempton Park resident Orsilla Visagie hosted a flea market at Constance Place in Birchleigh on June 1 to raise funds for the Kempton Park SPCA.

Visagie said there were a few factors that inspired them to do the event.

“Covid seems so far away but the effects are lasting for so many of us. Businesses closed down and many people lost their jobs, so we know people are struggling to make a living.

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“We wanted to bring the community together to meet and greet each other, display their handwork and hopefully make a bit of money.

Gerda Stoctz selling needle work and jewellery.

“Businesses were also hit hard, so we needed to boost awareness for Constance Place and all the dynamic businesses it contains. What better way to do all this while supporting a great cause like the SPCA,” said Visagie.

Visagie said the previous market was organised by Johan van Antwerpen and Driekie de Bruyn on April 27, also in support of the SPCA. This time around it was organised by Visagie and Sandra and Shelly Marriott from Harvesters Pub and Grill.

A variety of items were sold such as bicycle repairs from a bicycle shop, haberdashery from Elshaddai, paintings, pancakes and much more.

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Visagie said she has a great love for animals and cannot even watch nature channels where one animal hunts and eats another.

“The thought of any animal hurt, hungry or abandoned breaks my heart. Social media displays so many animals hurt by people and it makes me furious,” said Visagie.

Donations for the SPCA.

“They cannot fend for themselves that is why we all have to step up and help them. My dog Butch is my best friend, the best listener and loves me unconditionally.

“All he needs in return is love and care. We cannot help all the animals, but we can sure try to make a difference one step at a time,” she added.

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Visagie said donations for the luck draws came from Thornlands Transport in Bredell and Vleisfabriek Butchery in Birchleigh.

Naomi and Dohan Venter selling handmade crafts.

She said all funds raised from stalls and other monetary donations were going to the SPCA.

Blankets, bags of dog food, tinned dog food and the SPCA made some sales themselves as they were present the whole day.

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According to Visagie, she does not think people comprehend what the SPCA does in the community.

“The rescuing and caring for abused and abandoned animals with little funding daily must be an emotionally exhausting job.

Orsilla Visagie, Adri Van Reenen and Sandra and Shelly Marriott.

“They, too, have a love for animals and it must be heartbreaking to see some of the animals in that state regularly.

“Then they nurse them back to health just to hope and pray someone comes along to adopt a furry friend. I take my hat off to every one of them.”

“It was a team effort and every donation made by companies and individuals is truly appreciated.”
She said the next event will be held on June 29.

Arlo and Axel Gaarkeuken, Kelly Marais, Jean Marriott and Benika Marais.
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