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Good Samaritan of Kempton Park feeds the homeless

Nkala feeds about 110 individuals residing in Kempton Park every month end at 28 Linah Court, on the corner of Casuarina Long Street.

Kempton Park resident Rosey Nkala has made a difference in the community by feeding homeless people at her own cost.

Nkala feeds about 110 individuals living in Kempton Park monthly by hosting events at 28 Linah Court.

“With the little I have, I try and make things work to help because I know this is God’s will,” said Nkala.

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“I feel uplifted, and I know this is God’s plan, so I am content in doing this.”

Homeless people queue for food at Linah Court.

She said she had a desire from a young age to help needy people because she knows what it is like to be hungry.

Nkala started giving back to the community through her charity work in January.

“I just want to put a smile on people’s faces. I am currently using my house and finances to do this work.

“While doing this, I realised it is not only food needed but blankets and shoes, and I cannot provide all this alone due to my financial instabilities,” said Nkala.

“I am assisting homeless people because I know how bad it is to go to bed on an empty stomach. With what I have, I can easily help other people who do not have anything.

“I believe the Lord has put the message to help others in my heart. I must leave the rest to him,” added Nkala.

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Nkala pleads with the community to step forward and help her reach her goals.

She said she requires donations of old clothes and food.

Also on her list of priorities is a shelter to accommodate homeless people.

Nkala will hold her next initiative to feed homeless people on June 29.

Residents wanting to donate to the initiative or get involved can call Nkala on 068 519 8643.

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