Episode number 4000 for Isidingo

A day after one of South Africa’s soapies ended on Tuesday September 30, Isidingo reaches 4000 Episodes on Wednesday evening October 1

Isidingo’s milestone is a culmination of near countless and equally compelling moments in the years spent producing story-bound tales of the Horizon Deep citizens.

Isidingo has uncovered topical storylines to viewers since the show first premiered, way back on a Tuesday, on July 7, 1998.

A show, never far from challenging convention and equally celebrating multiple wins throughout its two decades of broadcasting, remains ever resilient. The set of Isidingo also survived an unexpected fire too, all while continuing to grow in storyline and audience with every new episode broadcast.

Today the show also has a fan base extending as far afield as Tanzania and Uganda. New faces and talent continue to be attracted to the amazing team of writers and cast alike.

Recent new arrival and head writer, Rohan Dickson, is just one example of talent helping grow the brand. The writing team provides pertinent and locally relevant stories that every-day South Africans can relate to, while also edifying viewers in the process.

“It is an immensely proud moment and a remarkable milestone which we are delighted to have reached,” said the MD of Endemol SA, Sivan Pillay, on the SABC 3 websites.

“For 4 000 episodes, Isidingo has entrenched itself as a credible show with stories that relate to South African society by encompassing the ideal of one nation viewing. We hope to entertain fans for many years to come.”

The series success lies, in part, in its ability to tackle stories that strike the lives of real South Africans, as it explores the diverse worlds of how the rich can affect the poor, right through to how their lives can entwine. Horizon Deep has been full of amazing moments which have made the fictional city a household name.

“Isidingo has built a challenging track record that makes all parties involved in the production proud and inspired to achieve more,” Aisha Mohamed, the Head of Bouquet: SABC3 confirmed on the channel’s website.

“This is an outstanding landmark for the show and we are very proud, and pleased to be associated with one of the country’s top daily dramas. We would like to express thanks to the brilliant cast of Isidingo and the production team from Endemol for generating captivating storylines that our viewers can look forward to weekdays at 7pm.”

The 4 000th episode celebrates the hard work of all the cast and crew who have contributed in the success of the show. The flagship series has seen some cast members such as Hlomla Dandala and Darren Kelfkens transitioning from being actors on the show to now directing the masterpiece.

Isidingo is, at its core, a show for Africans, written and produced and televised by Africans – making it some of the most compelling, relevant and engaging television produced on the continent today. What the next 4 000 episodes hold, Mzansi will dictate.

Executive Producer Pumla Hopa, who has been with the show since its first episode, added, “We would like to thank SABC 3 and our viewers for their continued support. We are very proud to have reached this milestone.

“We love being part of the South African television landscape and being able to have a positive influence in people’s lives on a daily basis.

“The journey has been exciting and we look forward to continuing as a major contributor in the narrative of South Africa as we continue growing as a country.”

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