Vlogging 101: Enjoy your vacation while vlogging

Being a travel vlogger can sometimes hinder you from enjoying your vacation. How can this be avoided?

Vlogging is a fun and creative way of sharing aspects of your life with your audience using social media platforms. Compiling detailed content for your travel vlog may take up a lot of your time. While you may want to capture every moment of your trip, you also want to make sure you enjoy your vacation without spending all your time behind your phone or camera.

Here are some ways you can share your experiences while enjoying your vacation:

Do not vlog the entire vacation

The whole point of a vacation is to get away and destress. Spending time away from your gadgets is also a great way of giving yourself a break. While being a travel vlogger means sharing aspects of your trip, try to be intentional about the parts of your vacation you want to enjoy off camera. This will help you experience a bit of both worlds – compiling content for your vlog and spending time with family and friends.

Make the videos short and sweet

When filming an activity, do not make the video too long as this will hinder your enjoyment and could potentially bore your audience. Give brief snippets of what you were up to and edit the clip in creative ways to keep your audience hooked. This way, you keep them coming back for more of your content.

Brainstorm the final product of the video

Brainstorming your final product or video before you even start capturing the moments will give room for you to enjoy your vacation as it will save you time in deciding what to capture. It will help you narrow down what should or should not be included in your vlog. This way, you can have fun without overthinking the final product of the vlog.

Enjoy it

Remember, you are not travelling solely for vlogging purposes, but for personal enjoyment and entertainment. Do not let the need to film your activities hinder your actual enjoyment of your vacation. Don’t try too hard to find content – let it happen organically while you enjoy your vacation.

Travel vlogging is a great way of sharing content with your audience and building an online following. Try out the tips above for a balanced adventure of fun and content compilation.

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