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Load-shedding hacks that add value

Solar geysers continue to heat your water even on cloudy days using free and renewable energy.

The increase in load-shedding stages for long periods has caused many buyers to add ‘load-shedding friendly’ to their property wish list.

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Regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett said that upgrading some features in the home could minimise frustrations and add resale value to the property.

“Any fixed features that homeowners add to the property that make it more self-sustainable and less reliant on the national power supply will most likely increase the property’s appeal to future buyers,” he said.

To help homeowners avoid some of the frustrations of load-shedding here are tips on which load-shedding features can add value to any home:

Add a solar geyser

Often more affordable than doing an entire solar panel roof, a solar-powered geyser can ensure that there is always hot water, even during a prolonged power outage.

You may cut your water heating costs by up to 90% with a solar geyser. It doesn’t need a mains connection and considerably reduces your energy bill.

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Solar geysers continue to heat your water even on cloudy days using free and renewable energy.

Upgrade to gas appliances

The best time to switch to gas cooking is probably right now if you want to keep your regular mealtime schedule.

If there is a power outage, you can still make your coffee in the morning using a stovetop kettle.

According to stove experts, gas stoves have become a popular choice as they are a clean and efficient way to cook.

Considered a fixture in South Africa, the oven and stove will go with the sale of the property, which makes this a value-adding feature for future buyers.

Battery-Powered Security Systems

Power disruptions offer criminals the ideal cover, so it is crucial to make sure that your security system, garage doors, and gate are all operational during a power outage.

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A backup battery is an essential component in every security system.

To keep your property lit for security purposes, add rechargeable outdoor lighting, solar lights, or even battery-powered lights.

Rechargeable LED bulbs (which can also be used indoors) function with the help of an internal battery, charging itself when switched on during the availability of a power supply.

As soon as the electricity is disconnected, this bulb springs into action and brightens up the spaces.



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