TZANEEN: The Vunza Annual Games on point

The Vunza Annual Netball Games brings together the community.

On Saturday, November 24 the Lenyenye Netball Courts hosted the first ever Vunza Annual Games.

With three teams affiliated to form part of the tournament namely Lenyenye Dynamites, Mnjiya Netball Team and Tickyline Netball Team.

It was a round-robin tournament.

The Lenyenye Dynamites, Winners of the Vunza Annual Netball Games.

Lenyenye Dynamites were the overall winners, winning R1000  and Mnjiya came in second winning R500.

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This was their first tournament and the turnout was successful.

They also received great support from the community at large. “As a first attempt it was very successful.

“We were encouraged both by players and supporters to organize many more,”JPM Vunza, Founder of Vunza Teddy Bear Learning Academy.

This will be an annual event and next year soccer games will be added to the programme.

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