Mopani prepares for 2nd wave of Covid

Executive mayor of Mopani District Municipality, Pule Shayi has welcomed a donation of a portable screening and testing unit for Covid-19 as well as personal protective equipment from the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

The unit is a two roomed unit fully equipped with water, chairs, medical storage cupboard and disability friendly.

Shayi said the unit can be used beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

The facility will be operated by officials from the department of health and will service all officials and members of the public visiting the government complex in Giyani.

Shayi said that the District Command Council on Covid-19 was observing a slight decline in the number Covid-19 daily of infections in the district, but should also be preparing for the new wave.

He said the donation from DBSA “comes at a right moment so that we are able to confront the new wave if we are to be confronted by some serious increases. Our response rate will become more practical.”

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The DBSA has recently started work in the Greater Letaba Municipality and Greater Giyani Municipality where they are refurbishing water infrastructure, and will also be purchasing three water tankers for the district.

“To us this is significant in that we are beginning to see first-hand the impact of the work done by DBSA in advancing the developmental agenda in the region,” said Shayi.

Executive mayor of Mopani District Municipality, Pule Shayi.

Also speaking during the handover, the group executive for DBSA Chuene Ramphele said, “We recognise the impact of Covid-19 at local government level.

We recognise the tireless efforts by your district command centre in tackling this invisible enemy to the lives of our people.

“The district is mandated to promote sustainable provision and delivery of basic services. All these mandates will not be realised if we don’t join forces to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and its disruption. We hope this unit will be used in partnership with the department of health and maintained properly for the purpose of fighting the coronavirus.”

He said that Mopani was the second district municipality in the country to receive a unit.

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Ramphele further said that the DBSA recognises the moral responsibility to stand in solidarity with the South African government and those governments of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in fi ghting the pandemic and has allocated, despite constrained financial resources, an amount of R150m to do it.

The money is directed at addressing the health diagnostics, testing, isolation, protective equipment, health facilities and water provision.

“We have identified 25 districts in the country to provide screening unit and associated PPE’s. We are handing over this unit to strengthen the District Command Centre.

“This is our gesture to assure that DBSA is behind your District strategy to safeguard the heath of its people,” said Ramphele.

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