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Adorable father and daughter bond

Growing up without a father prompted Mikovhe Mukhawa from Nkowankowa to be present in the life of his three-year-old daughter, Dziphathutshedzo.

He became a father at 28 and has been the primary caretaker of his daughter since she was only three days old as her mother had to go back to school. “Having no father to raise me, inspired me to do better and I always told myself that when I become a father, I will take care of my child by all means possible. I didn’t want her to grow up the way I grew up,” he says.

Mikovhe and Phathu.

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Dziphathutshedzo Mukhawa.

“I took my daughter for her monthly clinic checkups, bathed her, and gave her medication when needed. Our beautiful bond began from there.” Mikovhe says his daughter is a Mini-Me of himself. As a professional musician, his love of music also runs in the talkative little girl’s veins. “I have instilled the spirit of kindness in her and taught her to respect all kinds of people. She loves prayer and I have taught her the power of prayer.”

Mikovhe advises men to be responsible fathers, as their role in a child’s life is a crucial one.

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