A thill a minute this Easter

Step up the adrenalin this Easter with one of these thrilling reads.

From Gregg Hurwitz – Dark Horse. It’s an Evan Smoak – Orphan X – story; and this time the former off-the-books assassin taking on the cartels. He’s asked by a father to rescue his kidnapped daughter from Mexico; but Evan finds out the father’s got a fairly shady past and has to decide if he wants to help or not. Twists, turns, and non-stop action. Penguin.

Can’t beat David Baldacci for a great weekend read. In Dream Town it’s 1952 and is all the glitz and glamour of old school Hollywood, the gambling mecca of La Vegas, and the narcotics clubs of Chinatown. There are bodies on the beach in Malibu and secrets in the Beverly Hills mansions and cops and crooks who work together … along with stars and politicians and notorious criminals. Macmillan.

Another can’t-put-it-down thriller is The Match by Harlan Coben. Wilde was discovered abandoned in the woods when he was a child. Now, on a whim, he’s decided to hopefully find out about his family via a DNA database. With matches made, he finds himself more than relatives … he’s caught up in a secret community committed to exposing anonymous online trolls. Twists from the start until the very last page. Century.

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