Tinyiko turns her hobby into a business

Tinyiko Mabunda from Athurstone outside Acornhoek spent her time during Covid-19 building her business in knitwear.

She explains that she makes different outfits from dresses to jerseys. “I started crocheting during lockdown level 5 when I had to come back home and I wanted something that will keep me busy. I was always indoors and it was challenging because I couldn’t find some of the materials.

My mother inspired me because even when it was hard to get materials she would come up with great ideas for materials that I can use to keep on crocheting. She made sure that I was always doing something and that inspired me a lot. To see the love that people have for my
work is also inspiring,” she said.

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Her interest in crocheting started after she went to the University of Limpopo’s Turfloop campus. “That’s where I saw people wearing crocheted tops and in my mind, I thought: ‘I want to do this but where do I start?’ During the lockdown, it was a good time to learn
something new from my mother because we were both at home and that is when she taught me to crochet.

My future plans are to see my business grow and own a shop where I will employ unemployed youngsters and other unemployed people. I would also like to start a crocheting school where I can teach people how to crochet. “I think by doing that I’ll be developing my career since I’m studying for a bachelor of education. Now owning a crocheting school is one of the goals that I want to achieve,” she concluded.

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