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In the vehicle industry, the race to win the hearts and minds of customers requires constant innovation and or new applications of current technology.

Chatbots are part of modern-day service technology. They are designed and employed to respond to customer questions and queries.

Mahindra is growing and to facilitate quicker responses to customer enquiries, it now employs a WhatsAPP Autobot. The number you should call is 012 661 3161.

With the new WhatsApp line, Mahindra assures customers that it will respond within two to four hours to queries or support requests, as measured by its internal Response Tat (turn around time).

When you call this number, and after some initial questions, the enquiry will be logged and then directed to the relevant department and person to ensure a quick response. And do not despair – it will still be possible to talk to a human, should that be your preference.

Rajesh Gupta.

“In South Africa, we love WhatsApp, and we use it for business, family matters and for fun. Since we want to make it as easy as possible for our Mahindra customers to reach us, we have decided to develop our own WhatsApp channel. We are also committed to ensure that anyone who makes contact with us on this, or any other Mahindra channel will receive the support or advice they need as quickly as possible,” said Rajesh Gupta, the CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

With the addition of WhatsApp, Mahindra now has all bases covered. Customers can phone the same number, send an email (, contact Mahindra on Twitter (@Mahindra_SA), Facebook and Facebook Messenger (@MahindraSouthAfrica), LinkedIn (Mahindra South Africa), Instagram (MahindraSouthAfrica) or the Mahindra Mzanzi App. Those who are so inclined can even send a fax to 012 661 3179.

Mahindra’s 24-hour roadside assistance programme is always available on 0861 6244 6372 (0861 Mahindra).

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