How to create a pet-friendly garden

Three tips to make your garden the ideal place for pets to enjoy

Pets have become a super important part of people’s lives and continue to do so, which has seen a big demand for pet-friendly housing…and gardens. Curating a dog-friendly garden requires a little bit of research to help you choose the right plants and landscaping options in order to create an outdoor space that both you and your pets can enjoy. We asked RE/MAX of Southern Africa to share some factors that should be considered when creating a pet-friendly garden that could even up your property value:

  1. Stay away from toxic flora and fauna
    Do you know if your garden contains plants that can be toxic to your dog if ingested? Many common plant species are harmful to pets and chances are high that you have these in your garden. Azaleas, Lilies, Daffodils, Sago Palms, Tulips and Hyacinths should all be avoided. When in doubt, check with your nursery or vet to find out if the plants you have are safe or not for pets. The same applies to fertilizers and mulch, as some, such as cocoa bean mulch, are toxic to dogs.
  2. Do a perimeter check
    Knowing that the fence or wall surrounding your property is secure and high enough to keep your pets inside will keep your dogs safe and be a big plus for your curb appeal.  Also, make sure the wall or fence is durable enough to prevent big dogs from trying their luck at escaping.
  3. Think about your creature’s comforts
    Our hot summers can be brutal and some dog breeds really struggle to keep cool on those scorching December days. Make sure you have enough shade in your garden along with a pool or splash pool where your pup can cool down. Install a tap in the garden, close to their watering bowls, so that it’s easy and quick to refill their bowls.
    Place a hardwearing outdoor rug as a paw-wipe station so that your dogs don’t tread mud through your home.

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