Murder in old age home near Brits: Elders fail to appear in court

Two seniors, aged 92 and 75, are accused of the murder of an 80-year-old man who died after an assault inside an old age home in Jericho.

The bail application hearing of two elderly men (92 and 75) was postponed in the Brits Magistrate’s Court today after they failed to arrive at court.

It is suspected that Daniel Madumo (92) and Jeremiah Mmatli (75) might have missed the transport vehicle from the detention centre to the court.

The two were arrested on May 30 after allegedly attacking a fellow resident, an 80-year-old man, and killing him in an old age home near Brits.

According to police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani, the murder followed a fight between three elderly men in an old age home in Jericho.

“According to information, 80-year-old Godfrey Thema Motsepe was coming out of the bathroom around 04:00 on May 30, and encountered Mmatli and Madumo. The deceased allegedly bumped into one of them who hit him with his crutches. His companion joined in the fight and both assaulted the victim,” Funani explains.

The victim had sustained head injuries and was transported to hospital by ambulance but was certified dead on arrival.

State prosecutor Octavia Pletschke postponed the bail application hearing to next Friday for the investigating officer to fetch and bring the two accused before court.

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