Stress-free cross-border travel: A guide to preparation

Crossing a border checkpoint can be a source of stress during your road trip, especially if unprepared. Here are some points of advice from a leading financial institution.

WesBank emphasises the importance of not only ensuring your vehicle is well-prepared but also have the required documentation for seamless border crossings.

Lebo Gaoaketse, head of marketing and communication at WesBank, advises that obtaining necessary cross-border documents is crucial, especially for financed vehicles. Customers can conveniently request the border letter through the WesBank app.

It’s also essential to check if your finance contract has an annual mileage limit and plan accordingly.

For owners of paid-off vehicles, presenting the original NaTIS document, along with comprehensive insurance proof for the destination country, is necessary.

Additional documentation is required for non-registered owners, including a police affidavit and a letter of authority from the registered owner.

Rental vehicle drivers need a letter from the rental company authorising cross-border travel. Gaoaketse concludes by suggesting that with all safety checks and travel documents in order, travellers can relax, choose their music playlist or download a favourite podcast, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the journey.

Source: WesBank

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