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Let’s rap this up

Rapper: It's hard but I believe in myself.

Beats and rhymes is the only thing on Lwandiso Fuzile also known as Coylematic’s mind.

Lwandiso is a 24-year-old resident of Simunye who is the brainchild behind his stage persona Coylematic. The name Coylematic stems from a nickname his friends gave him. “In my friend circles I am known as Coyle. That’s how everyone knows me and when I came up with a stage name I just added the ‘matic’ to make it sound more rap,” He said.

Lwandiso has been in the music industry since 2011 and really started taking his work as an artist seriously in 2012. “I started in 2011 but I didn’t really know anything about music. In 2012 I hooked up with a few friends of mine, one of which has been in the music industry for a long time. He told me what to do and what not to do and that’s when I really started taking it seriously because I had the tools.”

Later in 2012 Lwandiso went to Botswana for a project where he met an event organiser who have him the opportunity to play a gig in the country. His first big performance was subsequently in Botswana at a World AIDS Day celebration.

Lwandiso then performed in various places in South Africa including a beach festival in 2014 and various shows in Cape Town. “I have friends in Cape Town so they hooked me up. It was nothing big, though,” He said.

The young rapper has also been interviewed on the radio and of his music has also been played on the airwaves.

When the Herald asked Lwandiso who is favourite artists are both locally and internationally he said, “Locally, I listen to various artists but I really like ProKid who now just calls himself Pro. Internationally, before I started rapping and during, I have always listened to Eminem. I really like his stuff.”

Furthermore, Lwandiso listens to all kinds of music and said he is not just limited to rap, “I listen to any music that’s good. From rock to jazz. I love music, you know?”

The upcoming star said he sees a future for himself in music, “It’s hard. I have a job, you know, I need to have an income but I believe in myself. It’s just difficult when you have to do everything yourself. I write my own stuff, in terms of my music I do everything by myself.”

Lwandiso has released four singles thus far and said he has a lot more to offer. Some of his music can be heard on radio and are also available online as free downloads.

Lwandiso Fuzile also known as Coylematic has one thing on his mind - beats and rhymes.
Lwandiso Fuzile also known as Coylematic has one thing on his mind – beats and rhymes.

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