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Mother’s Day for all mothers

Organiser Tshegofatso hosted an event for mothers in West Porges.

Tshegofatso Maimane celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting the ‘2024 Mother’s Day with Queen_Vee’ event at the Broc Guest House.

The event started at 13:00 and concluded at 17:00. Around 20 people attended the event.

According to Tshegofatso, she decided to host the event because she lost her own mother. She thought she could not celebrate Mother’s Day, but prayed to God and realised she could celebrate the day with other mothers. Through the event, Tshegofatso was able to honour her mother along with other mothers’ lives in a meaningful way.

Tshegofatso stated that one of the main topics was ‘self-love’.

“As mothers, we tend to put our focus on our children and end up neglecting ourselves. As the organiser, I wanted to put more emphasis on giving ourselves love in the midst of caring for our loved ones. Self-love can give a person a more positive attitude towards life,” Tshegofatso said.

She added that the event was a success as the attendance and participation was good.

Furthermore, Tshegofatso will be hosting a Pajama and Pamper Night Prayer on July 6. If you are interested, contact Tshegofatso on 083 652 6300.

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