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#Elections2024: Randgate voters make their mark

The Herald caught up with some voters at a voting station at Laerskool Rapportryer.

Yesterday, May 29 many South Africans head to the polls to make their mark for the party they believe is best suited to lead the country for the next five years.

The Randfontein Herald visited many voting stations on the day, and voters at the Laerskool Rapportryer station had the following to say:

Chantel Badenhorst stated, “I am happy to make my mark. I hope it makes a difference, it is better than sitting at home.”

Michiel van Tonder.

Michiel van Tonder added, “You can’t say you want to see change but you do not do your part.”

Gerry Tiearney.

Gerry Tiearney explained, “We struggled to find our name where we were registered. My wife was supposed to vote at another voting station but when we got there we were informed she was registered there. We are happy to have contributed to a democracy and exercise our right to vote.”

Tebogo Senoedi.

Tebogo Senoedi said, “Everything went smoothly. It was fair and free and there weren’t any problems.”

Oswald Higgins.

Oswald Higgins noted, “The DA will win as I believe they are the only party who can rescue SA.”

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