It’s racing time again

Don't miss the racing action this weekend.

Spectators will in for a treat at the Randfontein Oval Raceway when they host some fierce racing action on Saturday 13 July.

The Randfontein Oval Track’s latest event saw the lead for the season changing hands yet again as the skill levels of the drivers improved drastically throughout the year.

With the season now halfway the drivers gave their best to secure a solid lead in the overall rankings.

Spectators can be sure to see great racing as every driver wants to get the points needed to finish in the top spot in theFlexis division.

“A grueling fight to the finish can be expected from these drivers,” says Mari Coetzee from the Randfontein Oval Raceway.

The not-to-be-missed 1660cc events will also showcase great skills among the drivers in their attempts to become the top driver in the competition.

For more information on the Randfontein Oval Raceway contact Mari Coetzee from the Randfontein Oval Raceway on 081 512 1121

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