Tshwane pays Eskom July bill, has another R1.6-billion to pay

The municipality has another R1.6-billion to pay to Eskom for August and this was due on Friday, September 16.

Tshwane metro paid Eskom’s R1.6-billion debt for electricity supply for the month of July 30 days after their deadline on August 17.

Eskom confirmed in a statement on Friday that the municipality finally paid the full amount after a month’s struggle.

The power utility published Tshwane metro’s bill in August stating they were considering disconnecting power supply to the municipality due to frequent late payments. Eskom stated they would consider public participation comments before making their final decision.

The municipality has another R1.6-billion to pay to Eskom for August consumption. This was due on Friday, September 16, the day on which the metro finished paying for July.

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Mayoral spokesperson Sipho Stuurman said the municipality was making arrangements to pay the August bill.

“We have been continuously engaging Eskom on our payment plans and will continue to do so,” Stuurman said.

“The City of Tshwane remains committed to finding a long-term solution to our financial challenges so we can ensure that we pay creditors like Eskom in full and on time.

“We therefore appeal to residents, businesses, and other clients to pay their municipal accounts on time so that we will be able to pay creditors like Eskom.”

The municipality continues with its aggressive revenue collection campaign to ensure it gets in  enough money.

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This week the metro switched off power to Prasa’s headquarters on Thursday due to unpaid municipal bills.

It showed no mercy to Prasa as it did not restore electricity supply to its headquarters despite a R2.4-million payment on Thursday towards a R7.9-million municipal debt.

Prasa spokesperson Andiswa Makanda said their financial woes were caused by low numbers of operating train services.

“As soon as we get our tail corridors back on track, we will be in a better financial position,” Makanda said.

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