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Metro partners with private sector to power up traffic lights

The metro's mission to work with the private sector is on track and the focus does not only include mega assets like power stations and the show grounds, but traffic lights on major routes as well.

The metro has taken hands with an insurance company in a strategic partnership to power up traffic lights at intersections during power outages.

Mayor Cilliers Brink said he was excited to work with Hollard to power up traffic lights at major intersections.

He said this partnership was created to decrease the number of pedestrian and vehicle accidents, smash-and-grabs, and hijackings at intersections during load-shedding.

To him, this level of co-operation is testament to the power of public-private sector collaboration.

“Tshwane believes in the whole-of-society approach, working together with private businesses, communities and various groups who want to help make our Capital City work,” Brink said.

“This initiative is brilliant, it has a real impact, as it will power up traffic lights, especially during load-shedding and ease up traffic congestion. We are looking forward to more collaborations with this company,” said Brink.

The metro’s intention to work closer with the private sector came under the spotlight in 2023 with a proposal to have both the Rooiwal and Pretoria West power stations run by independent power producers.

The latest proposal to lease municipal properties is a move to put the iconic Tshwane Events Centre, commonly known as the Pretoria Showgrounds, under private management.

The first intersections to be covered under the partnership will be three intersections around Route 21 Office Park, a keystone property in Irene, which lies within 10 minutes of central Pretoria.

Wiring will be provided by the company and the electricity by the office park at the intersection.

“We’ve already received a list of other busy intersections that need power. The plan is first to power the three traffic light intersections around Route 21 Corporate Park and then roll it out to other areas. We’re committed to getting our hands dirty to help improve road safety,” says Johan Prinsloo, Hollard’s regional general manager.

– Watch mayor Cilliers Brink talk about the initiative to power up traffic lights at intersections during power outages and load-shedding:

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