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Attempted housebreaking prevented in east

One suspect was arrested for trespassing and malicious damage to property.

Complete Security Intelligence (CSI) foiled an attempted housebreaking on Wednesday night in Menlo Park, Pretoria east.

The incident occurred around 22:00 at The Pearls Complex on 20th Street.

According to CSI CEO, Dana Bloem, control room staff received a call from a resident around 21:58 asking for help.

“The resident requested the control room to urgently send officers after someone had tried to break into their home.”

Bloem said a unit was dispatched and arrived there within five minutes and was informed that the suspect was still on the premises.

She said the unit noted that the electric fence had been damaged.

“The unit found the suspect in the eastern corner of the complex.”

Bloem said the suspect was lying on his side with his eyes closed, pretending to be sleeping on private property.

“After a few minutes, the suspect opened his eyes and wanted to leave.”

Unit members apprehended the suspect for trespassing, then called police for assistance.

“Brooklyn police were contacted and they arrived at 22:28,” Bloem said

The suspect was arrested for malicious damage to property and trespassing.

“Fortunately, nothing was stolen because the suspect was caught before they entered the house.”

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