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North residents urged to keep cemetery clean

Keeping the cemetery clean will ensure that thieves have nowhere to hide.

Pretoria North interim ward 2 councillor Dana Wannenburg has urged residents to keep the Heroes’ Acre cemetery clean.

Wannenburg said cutting the overgrown grass and trees will help reduce robberies and muggings at the cemetery.

“The grass attracts criminals and it being cut, thieves will have nowhere to hide,” he said.

Wannenburg said the dead were no longer respected.

“Let’s not wait for the municipality to do things for us whereas we can do them ourselves.

“I mean there’s the Community Upliftment Precinct (Cup) that allows residents to meet the municipality halfway in keeping our area safe,” he said.

The members of AfriForum North recently cleaned the neglected cemetery as a way of showing respect to their departed loved ones.

According to local resident, Quentin Meyer, his father is resting at the cemetery and something had to be done to ensure it was clean.

“Our loved ones are resting in that place and that doesn’t mean we should neglect them, we must clean the place just to honour them.

“The state of the cemetery is bad and we just had to clean it,” said Meyer.

Meyer said the team cleaned up part of the cemetery.

“If more community members take matters of cleaning into their hands, that would make a huge difference in Pretoria North.”

Wannenburg recently urged residents and local representatives to participate in the Cup.

The metro launched the initiative to improve and maintain public infrastructure within residential, business and industrial areas.

This enables residents, businesses and communities to enter into a formal agreement to support the metro in maintaining and improving service delivery.

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