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Health department condemns recent attacks on hospitals, staff

The incidents took past last week at Danville Clinic and Lotus Gardens Clinic.

The metro’s health department has condemned two separate attacks recently on healthcare facilities in the west of Pretoria.

The attacks took past last week at Danville Clinic and Lotus Gardens Clinic respectively.

During the break-in at the Danville clinic, 33 computers were stolen, as security personnel were overpowered and tied up at the guardhouse.
The value of the stolen computers amounts to approximately R200 000.

Health MMC Rina Marx said a case as has been opened with the SAPS and commended Danville Clinic staff for continuing to operate after the incident.

In a separate incident, a Lotus Gardens clinic nurse was verbally and physically assaulted by a patient last week while on duty.

Another case of assault was opened and the nurse is said to be recovering.

Marx said: “Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident, as staff at other clinics have experienced similar abusive behaviour. As part of our zero tolerance of this unbecoming and deplorable behaviour, security has been instructed to remove from the premises any person who poses a security risk to our infrastructure, staff and patients.

“Tshwane strives to offer the best possible services to communities at its 24 primary healthcare clinics. Incidents of theft and attacks on our personnel have a negative effect on clinic operations and deny the broader community the opportunity to access uninterrupted and quality services.”

The MMC reminded residents that access to health is a constitutional right and encouraged them to work with healthcare facilities and staff to ensure this right is protected.

Residents with information related to the theft are encouraged to contact their local authorities.

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