Tshwane residents can anticipate irregular water supply as restrictions intensify

Tshwane MMC urges residents to save water: "Please take action now while we have supply, so that we don’t run out."

Tshwane residents should anticipate the possibility of being affected by temporary water shortages as Rand Water implemented more intense restrictions as of Friday evening.

Rand Water announced that it would implement water flow management control at its reservoirs that might lead to residents experiencing irregular water supply.

The water utility said this was to stabalise and avoid the “emptying of the reservoirs and complete system crash” due to high water usage in Gauteng.

Earlier this month, Rand Water announced that its water supply network was severely strained due to the high demand in Gauteng. Despite reducing water supply to municipalities by 30% and urging residents to use water sparingly, the utility said water consumption continued to increase.

“Since the beginning of spring, Rand Water’s bulk water provision to municipalities has increased from an average of 4 300 million litres of water a day to 4 900 million litres,” Rand Water said in a statement.

It said that through the latest restrictions it took full control of the water supply and would no longer rely on the public to reduce consumption.

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The flow control was first implemented on Friday evening and there was no set date as to when it would stop, the utility said. It would be “until the reservoirs recover”.

Tshwane metro was among six municipalities to be affected by the irregular water supply.

“To avoid intermittent water supply, consumers must reduce their consumption,” the utility urged.

Tshwane metro utilities and regional operations MMC, Daryl Johnston, said average water usage increased from 640 megalitres daily to 717 megalitres daily in the past week.

He said some communities in Pretoria were affected by temporary water supply due to the high consumption.

“Luckily in most areas we have been able to work with Rand Water to help mitigate these issues and ensure supply is restored within a relatively short period,” Johnston said.

“Tshwane residents must seriously step up. Please stop watering your gardens, filling your pools, washing your cars and using hoses for cleaning outside areas. Please take action now while we have supply, so that we don’t run out,” he said.

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