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Mams man’s lone war on unemployment

The main goal of the organisation is to see the rate of unemployment in the area drop.

A Mamelodi resident has made it his mission to get the unemployed local youth to work.

Martin Tlhako founded the Mamelodi national movement of liberation, Manamola, in 2019 to train unemployed and unemployable youth for the job market.

He said the organisation wanted to see the rate of unemployment drop and find a job for everyone including those who don’t have academic qualifications.

“The organisation has partnered with non-profit Siyaninqoba to teach locals life skills, and so far placed 200 people in jobs. We continue to take CVs to different companies,” said Tlhako.

He said once the youth have been trained, he wanted them to form or join governing boards and steering committees to run local libraries, community halls, clinics and sports facilities as well as join the effort to eradicate potholes on township roads.

He said this would create employment for them and also assist the department of transport and other government institutions perform their essential duties.

He said his organisation would campaign for a national income grant for unemployed graduates and an increase in the basic income grant.

He said Manamola assisted the youth in preparing presentable CVs and filling application forms for free.

Manamola is based in Region 6 and operates from the Stanza Bopape community hall in Mamelodi east extension 5 from 09:00 to 12:00 on weekdays.

For more information visit Manamola on Facebook or contact Martin Tlhako on 066 439 8996.

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