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Santa is visiting Centurion with annual Christmas Drive

“We’ve encouraged residents to decorate their properties in festive lights according to their traditions. A small floating trophy and a prize will be awarded to the best decorated one,” says Lytcom spokesperson Chris de Beer.

Every community has its traditions for celebrating important occasions. In Centurion, the annual Lytcom Christmas Drive has become a beloved tradition that grows every year.

This year’s Christmas Drive in Lyttelton on Saturday, December 2 will not disappoint.

A massive convoy will make its way through the streets, led by Santa.

The Christmas Drive is primarily sponsored by Lytcom Management and relies on donations from residents and local business.

Lytcom patrollers and local security companies preparing for last year’s Christmas Drive. Image provided

This year, the Lytcom social committee has pulled out all the stops in preparing for the event.

“Over the past decade the Lytcom Christmas Drive has become a beloved tradition that brings the community together in the spirit of giving and joy when circumstances have allowed,” said spokesperson Chris de Beer.

The Lytcom borders reach from River Road (south) to Trichardt Road (north) to Smuts Avenue (east), and DF Malan Avenue (west).

This year, Lytcom said that it encouraged residents to decorate their home in festive lights according to their traditions.

A small floating trophy and a prize will be awarded to the best decorated one, based on votes by the Lytcom patrollers.

“We hope this might plant the seed for the entire neighbourhood to be lit up in festive colours in the years to come.”

The Christmas Drive is supported by all major role players who help keep the community safe, including Lytcom resident patrollers, and all the registered security companies in the area.

“We also have the support of the Lyttelton Sector 2 CPF management.”

Locals might have noticed Santa’s postboxes in the area, to which the young and young-at-heart can send their letters to Santa.

These postboxes can also be used for donations.

“The Lytcom social committee has requested nominations from the community for families in need.”

It said the initiative was important during Christmas, but it aimed to keep it going throughout the year.

“In a current climate where people tend to focus on everything wrong – service delivery failures, crime and safety concerns, cost of living and what the future holds – an initiative such as this brings a bit of joy and hope to everyone,” said De Beer.

“For some, it might be the comfort that there are a lot of supportive people who care for our community. For some of the younger ones, it is the chance to experience the anticipation of Santa arriving with treats and festive songs.

For those less fortunate among us, the Christmas Drive might share hope in this time of giving. This also allows for those who can, an opportunity to contribute to those in need right here in their community.”

Crime and safety can become an overwhelming concern for most residents during the festive season.

The drive also hopes to raise awareness and visibility of the community’s dedicated patrollers and security companies that do their best to keep the neighbourhood safe.

“Our community can always benefit from more eyes, ears and hands, so hopefully this Christmas Drive will inspire more community members to become actively involved in safeguarding our streets,” said De Beer.

Many residents are concerned about an increase in opportunistic crimes during the festive period.

As many families make their way to their holiday destination, Lytcom said that it is important to note that some basic measures might go a long way to protect your property and possessions.

“Ensure that your home looks occupied, or even better, get someone in our community to look after your property while you are away,” it said.

It advised residents to get involved by reporting anything out of the ordinary while joining various community WhatsApp or Telegram groups could help them stay informed and get the help when they need it.

“It’s all about keeping an eye out for your neighbour and reporting anything suspicious for the patrollers and security companies to investigate.

We’re hoping that the Christmas Drive will result in more residents joining Lytcom because a community united is a safer community,” De Beer said.

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