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Video: Stelvio and Giulia Veloce shown off in latest Alfa Romeo gallery

This may very well be the final iteration of the Stelvio and Giulia before they become electrified monikers and in stylish Italian fashion, the updates have been demonstrated on the Veloce trim of the models.

Throughout its 100+ year history, Alfa Romeo has frequently been considered as creators of otherworldly vehicles which is perhaps why the latest galley demonstrating the facelifted Giulia and Stelvio models may very well have been done on a moon. Contrasting the lunar landscape background are the models which wear a visceral red paintwork. The models, adorned with their new face, first broke cover late last year in the special edition Competizione trim and its exclusive ‘Moon Light’ matte grey finish.

Image: Alfa Romeo

Now, the black accents found around the model are better contrasted with the evocative deep shade of red. Most notable is the updated LED headlight signature which has been realigned with the Tonale. The triple graphic in each headlight housing harkens back to the S.Z. and Proteo concept car from before the close of the 20th century, with a more recent rendition being the 159 sedan, and newest model in the lineup; the Tonale SUV.

Within all four wheel wells are the iconic circular pattern Alfa Romeo 5 spoke alloy wheels, which are once again finished in a dark shade complimenting the rest of the details on the extremities of both models. The Stelvio Veloce includes 20-inch options while the Giulia has its wheels sized once increment smaller. Entering the cabin, both models most notably have an updated 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster which are housed within the periscope dials. This update enables both premium Italian offerings to retain relevance for the next several years of their product cycle.

Image: Alfa Romeo

Two choices of powertrains are available in the Veloce models, either a 2-litre turbocharged petrol motor which produces 206kW or a 2.2-litre turbodiesel which is available in two outputs. The first of which offers a modest 118kW which powers solely the rear wheels while a 154kW option is paired to a Q4 rear-biased all-wheel-drive system.

Under normal driving conditions 100% of the power is transmitted through the carbon driveshaft to the rear wheels, when needed up to 50% of the power will be transferred to the road via the front axle (with the Q2 mechanical differential also available on the Veloce, for an even more confident and exhilarating driving experience).

Image: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo South Africa has stated that these updated derivatives should hit our shores in Q2 of this year. With an announcement of the next generation of these monikers skipping hybridisation and going straight into electrification, these may very well be the last affordable, pure ICE models to wear the iconic Biscione.

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