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Locals urged to stay informed on gazettes by government

Laden with knowledge sourced from the gazettes community members you can raise any issues or concerns they might have about a new establishment or proposed projects.

The establishment of businesses involving liquor licenses can have a significant impact on local communities.

For community members concerned about liquor establishments opening near their homes, in proximity to schools or places of worship, staying informed is imperative.

Sabinet Discover offers a solution for community members to receive timely notifications about liquor licence applications through the SA government gazettes.

The gazettes are a comprehensive repository for official notices, ranging from legal announcements to licensing details.

For stakeholders hoping to stay well informed, the platform offers community members the opportunity to easily access important information that can affect them and allows time to object if necessary.

Described as an early warning system, Sabinet Discover gives individuals and institutions the time and information needed to assess potential impacts and, if necessary, voice their concerns or opposition to a liquor license application.

Crafting a specific and evidence-backed objection carries more weight, steering away from general statements and ensuring objections are pertinent to residents and other stakeholders.

Through the use of the system, residents become empowered by taking part and having a say in what occurs in their community and town.

It also encourages community engagement.

Laden with knowledge sourced from the gazettes, community members can raise any issues or concerns they might have about a new establishment or proposed projects and the consequences it may have on the surrounding neighbourhood.

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