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Venom Lures’ Pieter’s Pick hit the shelves in honourof Secunda pastor

Venom Lures Africa honours the late pastor Pieter Bezuidenhout with the launch of Pieter’s Pick fishing lures.

A year after his passing, the late Pastor Pieter Bezuidenhout’s memory is being honoured through his love for angling. Venom Lures Africa has now launched Pieter’s Pick lures in his memory.

“Bezuidenhout loved his family, lived life to the fullest and remained a passionate bass angler for over 60 years. He had a joyous personality and an infectious smile that made fishing fun,” said George Robey of Venom Lures.

Robey said Bezuidenhout absolutely loved Venom Lures Spinnerbaits, and it was through him that they brought the fully Chartreuse Glimmer Series spinnerbait to Africa.

“It was at first a special order through his local store. Soon after, he suggested we stock and carry it for all of Africa.”

“Thinking more of others than himself, he told me it would help other fishermen catch more bass,” said Robey.

Robey said he brought some lures into SA and tested sales in a few Venom retail stores.

“They sold quite well, to my surprise. The chartreuse lure is now part of the Venom line-up. Now, every time I tie one on my line or pack an outgoing order with this bait, I think of him,” said Robey.

Bezuidenhout died on January 17, 2023, and left behind his wife, Eileen, to whom he was married for 43 years, children and grandchildren.

“He was a serious fisherman always ready to advise other fishermen on tricks of the trade,” said Eileen Bezuidenhout.

Pastor Pieter Bezuidenhout enjoyed catching bass with Venom lures.
Pieter’s Pick lures are named after pastor Pieter Bezuidenhout.

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