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Ugandans appear in court in Secunda again

The court postpones the case to June 4.

The prosecutor cross-examined one of the four accused Ugandan nationals during their latest court appearance on May 22 at the Secunda Magistrate’s Court.

Lydia ‘Sandra’ Mojemba (37), Seyikabi Wilson (49), Jingo Wassua (38) and Njombozi Katiti (46) are charged with human trafficking, kidnapping, rape, attempted murder, illegal abortion of a baby and being in the country illegally.

The police arrested the four in Ogies in July 2018 after they allegedly abducted Mojemba’s niece on July 13, 2018, and performed an illegal abortion on her.

One of the accused, Jingo Wassua, also gave his testimony in court on May 22 and alleges the other three were conspiring against him.

Back in 2018, when the crimes took place, the niece, also an Ugandan national, was lured to South Africa by her aunt with the promise of work for her.

Mojemba was allegedly handing out pamphlets advertising services such as abortions and traditional healing.

When the niece was eight months pregnant, the aunt allegedly kidnapped her, with the help of the other three accused, and took her from her house in Secunda to Ogies.

They locked her in a room and forced her to undergo several abortion attempts before her baby boy was stillborn and dumped next to the train tracks near a bridge in Ogies.

The niece escaped from the room after a few days and fled to Secunda, where she told her boyfriend about her ordeal.

He contacted the police, who went to Ogies and arrested the four accused.

The case was postponed to June 4.

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