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Lengthy murder investigation in Trichardt irks wife

The suspects in the murder case of Shawn Brown (38), who died after a brawl at a local hangout in Trichardt, still walk free and the family wants answers.

Investigations continue into the murder of Shawn Brown (38), who was beaten and died from his injuries days later on October 2 last year.

Brown’s wife, Carole, wants answers. However, police said they are making progress.

According to police, an altercation broke out on September 14 at a hangout in Trichardt between Brown and a man over a social media post.

The man punched Brown from behind, and he landed on a step on the ground. Although unconscious, another man continued to kick Brown, allegedly also in the head.

Brown was rushed to Medclinic Trichardt and airlifted the same night to a high-care unit in a Kempton Park hospital, where he died two weeks later from his injuries.

The Trichardt police received the docket with two suspects in question in mid-October.

Shawn Brown (38) succumbed to his injuries after an attack at a hangout in Trichardt last year. His family wants answers about why the investigation is taking so long.

The suspects’ names are known to the Ridge Times but are being withheld at this stage because the SAPS have not yet arrested anyone.

According to police, the owner of the establishment, where the assault happened, claimed the video cameras were not working at the time of the attack.

The police are calling on witnesses with outstanding statements and people with any information to come forward.

Carole told Ridge Times that at the time of the attack, she was with her sister in Pretoria. She rushed to Johannesburg when she learnt from Brown’s boss he had been airlifted to Kempton Park.

The couple were separated at the time and shared a 10-year-old son. Brown also has a 14-year-old son from another relationship.

“I was not there at the time of Shawn’s attack. All I know is there was a quarrel between two guys. Shawn knew his assailants,” said Carole.

She feels every time she contacted the police to see how far the investigation had progressed, there were never any new developments.

“All they (police) tell me is that they are waiting on statements. In the meantime, the guilty people are still walking around our streets.”

According to her, the autopsy results state the first blow to the head rendered Brown unconscious.

“I don’t understand why he continued to receive blows while unconscious. This was not an accident. They attacked him while he was unconscious,” said Carole.

She cannot understand how the cameras at the hangout “conveniently” did not work on the night of the attack.

“There is a lot that does not make sense. The worst is our son is without a father,” said Carole.

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She said Brown and his 10-year-old were close.

“I just want justice. I don’t know why it is taking so long to investigate the matter,” said Carole.

She said the culprits go on with their lives while a family is without a father, husband, son, brother, and breadwinner.

“I feel I have kept quiet for long enough. I don’t want this to become a cold case, allowing these people to get away with murder. It is just not fair.

“Why continue to kick him when he was down? I feel these suspects did not think of the consequences of their actions,” said Carole.

The Ridge Times spoke to Brown’s mother, Rita, who did not want to comment because of the ongoing investigation.

Should you have any information about this case, contact Detective Sergeant Thulani Kanyi on 082 465 2364.

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