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Wet Nose in Bronkhorstspruit saves forsaken horse

Blade is battling Lantana poisoning, a severe protein deficiency, neglected and untreated hooves, an untreated knee injury and an abscess on his leg caused by an improperly administered injection.

Blade’s story began in Boekenhoutskloofdrift, where the team from Wet Nose found him neglected and in dire need of help.

Members of an incredible community named the horse.

Declan Rodocanachi from Wet Nose said, “He is teaching everyone about strength and hope in the face of adversity.”

The team initially thought Blade had a fractured leg, but further assessments revealed a much more distressing situation.

“Due to his blood test results, we suspect Blade is battling Lantana poisoning, common in areas shared with cattle, and the effects of long-term neglect,” said Rodocanachi.

Blade faced many battles, such as a severe protein deficiency which had stripped him of his beautiful coat and burdened his liver.

His once-smooth skin is now peeling and scarred, demanding gentle care and soothing remedies. His neglected and untreated hooves bore the brunt of infection, with one turning painfully upwards.

An old, ignored and untreated knee injury had become a source of constant pain, and an improperly administered injection left an abscess on his leg.

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Amid these storms, Blade found a haven at Wet Nose. He is now under watchful care, resting and healing.

Rodocanachi said, “Our days are filled with treating his wounds, nurturing his hooves back to health, and comforting his troubled skin.

“Medications, pain management, and liver support are part of his daily regimen as we walk with him on this journey of recovery.

“We need soothing shampoos, gentle brushes, healing creams, and more to continue providing the best care for Blade,” said Rodocanachi.

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