Crime prevention in action

The Honeydew CPF joined forces with law enforcement agencies in a massive crime prevention operation.

Honeydew Community Police Forum (CPF) patrollers recently participated in yet another successful operation.

The patrollers assisted officers from various police stations, JMPD, immigration officials, and traffic wardens during the latest enactment of the police’s visible policing initiative, Operation Shanela.

The operation, which took place on May 18, included various high-visibility crime prevention activities by the stakeholders involved.

A taxi is searched as part of Operation Shanela.

According to Honeydew CPF public relations officer Michael Steyn, the operation was successful, with several arrests and unlawful items confiscated.

“The operation consisted of foot patrols, stop-and-searches, and raids on illegal businesses, and targeted certain main routes within the Honeydew policing precinct, as well as the Zandspruit Informal Settlement,” Steyn said.

A police officer searches a vehicle,

“A total of 31 undocumented foreigners were arrested on the day. Seventeen people were arrested for drinking in public, and six for illegally dealing in liquor. Eight people were also nabbed for the possession of drugs, and three for driving under the influence of alcohol.”

More than 600 litres of alcohol, to the value of around R25 500, was confiscated during the operation.

The roadblock resulted in 523 vehicles being stopped and searched, 1 251 people being searched, and 16 traffic fines totalling R4 700 issued. The operation was carried out by an impressive force of 126 members, of which 16 were CPF patrollers and 41 vehicles.

A handcuffed suspect during the operation.

“We want to thank every law enforcement officer who was part of the operation,” he said and continued, “We believe it was a great success.”

Steyn added that these crime prevention operations are set to continue in the precinct.

“We are making progress in the fight against crime. These operations not only serve to inspire residents to join the fight against crime, but to show the criminals that we are not backing down. We will continue to work with local law enforcement agencies to root out the criminals from our communities.”

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