Pridwin takes soup kitchen to Tembisa

The Grade three Pridwin boys and their teachers set out for Tembisa to a school called Mabotane Primary on a blanket and soup drive.

This school services a large informal settlement and many of the children are looked after by their grannies, who are pensioners.

The Pridwin boys were part of the group that had knitted squares in 2012 when they were in Grade 2. These squares were made into blankets by willing grannies, moms and domestic workers, in preparation for winter.

In collaboration with the blanket and soup drive, 50 extra blankets were donated to the neediest children in the school. The soups were kept for the school’s soup kitchen that will feed the children over the holidays. Most children receive a cooked meal each day at school.

For most of the boys, it was their first experience in a township. The entire school turned out to watch the proceedings, as did many of the grannies.

On receipt of these blankets, the owner of the Lethabong Early Learning Centre was very emotional and grateful.

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