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A cable thieving plague

SYDENHAM - The theft of copper components out of power boxes has become a huge problem for residents in the areas of Glenhazel, Sydenham and Glensan.

Thieves regularly steal vital parts out of the power boxes to sell them for scrap metal. The disabled power boxes then leave residents in the area without power until the boxes are mended.

James Fisher, a resident in Sydenham said, “This is the second time this year that cables have been stolen from the power box on our road. I wanted to put my own lock on the power box, but it is illegal. I can’t keep dealing with rolling power outages and thieves helping themselves to the metal in the power boxes. This just can’t go on.”

Steven Kruger, Ward 72 councillor said, “In the last few months, I have had two major incidents in the Glenhazel area, one on the corner of Sandler and Northfield, and the other in Lymm Street. Generally the load centres, substations and power boxes are not well maintained. Despite numerous requests over the years to replace the fence and gate, nothing has happened. I have a meeting planned with GAP to see if they are able to assist in anyway, and depending on what ideas we generate, I will then try and arrange a follow up meeting with City Power.”

Details: 083 305 5659.

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