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Booster is the answer to your Smartphone battery life misery

JOHANNESBURG – Booster energy, a Joburg-based company, brings you a cellphone cover that charges your cellphone.

Booster energy is the first local brand of power cases. There are Smartphone covers and cases that can charge your phone wirelessly.

A booster is basically the most portable and mobile way to charge on the go.

“I personally have many stories where I have found myself in distressful situations because of my battery dying on me. A friend, Njabulo Makhathini (co-founder), and I knew that this is a problem that every Smartphone user experiences,” said Booster energy CEO Njabulo Mtshali.”We started researching and came up with a very convenient and mobile way to charge your phone on the go.”

“Instead of having just an ordinary phone cover, with a booster you get a cellphone cover that can charge your cellphone as well. There’s no need to walk around with your wall charger and cables anymore,” said Makhathini.

“A booster is the same size as your ordinary cover; it has a slim, but powerful, built-in battery that charges your phone.”

With the company only formally founded nine months ago by the two young South African entrepreneurs, booster has had great success in a short space of time.

“Our recent highlight would have to be Sir Richard Branson getting himself, and his team, boosters in his last visit to the country in December last year.”

Booster is currently available on takealot.com and also at The Hill boutique in Braamfontein. It will roll out in more stores around the country soon.

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