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City Parks plants 40 new trees in Buckingham Avenue, Craighall Park

CRAIGHALL PARK – New trees have been planted to replace those cut down in March due to PSHB infestation.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) planted 40 rhus lancea trees along Buckingham Avenue in Craighall Park after removing 40 box elder trees infested by shot-hole-borer beetle in March.

Regional manager for operations Alton Rankin said the purpose of the tree planting was to replenish the urban forest lost to polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB).

“[Rhus lancea] is indigenous and has not displayed symptoms of dieback stemming from the borer,” added Rankin.

He said Joburg was one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country with a growing carbon footprint.

“The problem has been compounded with Joburg having an aging tree canopy and eight wards being highly infested by PSHB, which has resulted in over 140 dead infested trees being removed in recent months. The problem is further exacerbated due to sporadic bouts of inclement weather that results in trees being uprooted.”

Rankin described planting trees as a critical yet simple solution to the problem. He said planting trees would help to develop a healthy, beautified city, offset the carbon footprint, create eco-awareness, attract investment, retain high property values and activate civic ownership and pride.

“JCPZ’s mandate is to green the city. JCPZ has therefore accelerated its tree propagation plan in its nursery in Huddle Park. As these tree saplings come of age, they will be planted in public spaces based on size, species, age and location.”

Rankin said every household in Joburg was urged to plant a tree, preferably a fruit tree, for Arbour Month.

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