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Arts and social activities activated at The Trinity Session.

Local space for Orchards community members which is geared toward collaboration, networking and skills sharing.

The Trinity Session hosted their first-ever open day at the Tipper Warehouse on May 29.

The open day was a day of creative activities and learning from the supportive networks of socially-minded changemakers.

Talks are offered from the supportive networks of socially-minded changemakers. Photo: Supplied

A drum circle, a story-telling session, and land art activation were among the sessions offered at the open day.

Stephen Hobbs, director of The Trinity Session, said the open day was conceived as a social experiment of sorts, in so far as the power of exchanging knowledge, networks, and social and cultural capital, which can have a powerful impact on the way we think about co-production and collective care.

Creative activities are offered for young visitors at The Trinity Session Open Day. Photo: Supplied

The demonstrations were only a taste of the interesting programme they have been working on over the past few months. The learning on the day was appreciable, and visitors were excited by the potential for future collaborations within their communities and the new networks that were growing from this work.

“As with so much of this activity which we have been developing in recent months, we are inspired by the potential this level of exchange has to offer for place-making in the Norwood and Orange Grove area, and by extension,” said Hobbs.

Childish nature treated younger visitors to a story-telling session at the open day. Photo: Supplied

“The potential to enable and empower collaborators in our extended networks to re-imagine the impact of greening and growing as mechanisms for social change in their communities.”

Details: Facebook page The Trinity Session.


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