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Women Developing Others highlights the importance of being tech-savvy

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), was topical at this year's Women Developing Others (WDO) discussion on International Women's Day.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), was topical at this year’s Women Developing Others (WDO) discussion on International Women’s Day on March 8, at Paterson Park.

Founder of WDO Ouma Khasu explained why the NGO partnered with Paterson Park Library.

“An important aspect we believe will bring change in the lives of women and their children is technology. We exist in the times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a digital world where most things are done on smart devices.”

Women Developing Others member Gabby Kabi. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Khasu added that the event was successful because everyone agreed that stakeholders were required to participate in the initiative to make sure every woman was empowered through technology.

African National Congress Stalwart and friend of the NGO Joy Coplan noted that times have changed, “While I was growing up, women were expected to be mothers, cooks, and housewives. As I was finishing high school in an all-girls’ school, I could judge that few of my classmates would have a chance of following a career as young women were not expected to have ambition.”

Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa semi-finalist Jennifer Warren. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Coplan added that she was fortunate to have gone to university to study teaching in Cape Town and realised how education developed her thinking and understanding of the world.

Member of Women Developing Others, Matshepo Senatle highlighted that the NGO encouraged young and old women, and those not working to visit the library and take advantage of the facilities to improve and empower themselves.

African National Congress Stalwart Joy Coplan. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

“As we say, if you are not moving with the times, you will be left behind. Women must come to the library and take advantage of the free training and resources to help them look for jobs and these are the types of initiatives we are trying to bring awareness to in the community.”

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