Simply Sydenham


Painting, damp-proofing, redecorating, and waterproofing… Whatever your paint-related needs, the team from Paintfellas will get it done with passion and at the highest standard. They have painted high-rise buildings, redecorating of townhouses, complexes and offices, even refurbishing services such as glazing and plastering. Give them
a call today for professional service.


Constantly in tune with the market to give you the most accurate prices for your valuable items. These cash loan professionals carefully inspect and determine the purity of your gold, diamonds or Kruger Rand and then weigh the jewellery right in front of you. They will provide a no-obligation quotation and pay cash on the spot for your goods. The staff at iPawn are highly trained to properly appraise your items and there are zero hidden costs involved!

Kashering your Life

It’s about the lifestyle. Kashering Your Life talks kosher life, budgeting for household expenses and kosher food… basically working with what you’ve got! Kashering Your Life will help you manage your general household better when it all gets too overwhelming. This includes meal planning, couponing, creating a household budget, decluttering and housekeeping schedules. There are workshops, blogs and social media pages to aid you along.


Divinos Pizza and Pasta is a pizzeria in Sydenham that serves delicious wood-fired pizza and freshly made pasta. They ensure that their pizza is made from top-quality ingredients and that they always taste as good as they look. They create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful and fun working environment, where their employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the product they produce. Sounds like the perfect place to pick up some really good food this weekend.

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